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We provide a specialised approach to alleviate neck pain and help you regain the freedom to move comfortably. Our experienced physiotherapists understand the impact that neck pain can have on your daily life, and we are dedicated to creating a personalised rehabilitation plan that targets the root causes of your discomfort and supports your journey towards a pain-free neck.

Our Approach:

At Chase Physiotherapy, we recognise that neck pain can hinder your ability to perform even the simplest tasks. Our skilled physiotherapists collaborate with you to design a tailored treatment plan that addresses your specific needs, enhances your range of motion, and improves your overall well-being.


Our approach encompasses:

  1. Thorough Evaluation: We initiate the process with a comprehensive assessment of your neck pain, considering factors like your medical history and lifestyle. This evaluation guides the creation of a customised treatment regimen.

  2. Pain Alleviation: Employing evidence-based techniques, we aim to manage and reduce your neck pain, promoting comfort and relaxation throughout the rehabilitation process.

  3. Posture Correction: Addressing postural issues is crucial in preventing recurring neck pain. We offer guidance and exercises to improve your posture, ensuring long-term relief.

  4. Mobility Restoration: Through gentle exercises and stretches, we work to enhance your neck's flexibility and range of motion, promoting optimal function.

  5. Strengthening: Strengthening exercises targeting the neck muscles and supporting structures aid in preventing future discomfort and promoting neck stability.

  6. Functional Rehabilitation: We integrate activities that mirror your daily routines, ensuring that your rehabilitation translates seamlessly into improved functionality in your everyday life.

  7. Education: Empowering you with knowledge about your condition, proper ergonomics, and self-care strategies equips you to manage your neck health proactively.



  • Reduced neck pain and stiffness

  • Improved neck mobility and flexibility

  • Enhanced posture and body mechanics

  • Strengthened neck muscles for stability

  • Strategies to prevent future neck pain

  • Increased confidence in movement


Your Path to Comfort:

Choosing Chase Physiotherapy for your neck pain physiotherapy rehabilitation means choosing a partner dedicated to your wellness. Our compassionate team is committed to helping you overcome neck pain and regain your quality of life. Start your journey towards a pain-free neck by reaching out to us today.

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